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DCS cloud integration

Honeywell DCS wireless install:

>4-20mA, discretes, wireless point monitoring.


>Live, web based, accessible 


>SMS and email alarming


Observe your companies variables on your own company website.



REALTIME Sensor Data:

AGS Solutions provides live DATA monitoring, analysis and storage. The DATA provided in the columns LEFT and RIGHT, is live with a 10min sample rate.

Industrial M2M

DeltaV DCS wireless install:

>Accessible from a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.


>Monitor your production data Globally. 


>React swiftly as upsets occur




 Cannabis Sensor Data:

Cannabis GrowthCannabis Growth

LIVE sensor variables.

Log in to our test portal and take our interface for a test drive !:      

Sensor Portal:         


      Username:      testdrive
      Password:       test1234    

AGS Solutions Inc is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We provide Solutions for Automation, Instrumentation Control and Wireless Process Monitoring applications.


The "Internet of Things IoT" can be described as:

 A scenario in which objects or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and , of course, the Internet.


AGS is taking advantage of the current internet technology surge.  By providing clients with a portal window through which to view process information and equipment data (I&D), previously remotely inaccessible.

Process/equipment I&D, can provide insight into the condition or makeup of a particular production run or product creation cycle.

By capturing and storing I&D we can learn valuable details about product creation cycles, unplanned outages and upset conditions cause and effect.

I&D that was previously let to lapse, not captured or utilized, can provide a repeatable recipe to follow, aide in troubleshooting, be used as a training tool or kept and stored for compliance.


 Medical and Recreational Cannabis growth Sensor Support: 

  • Some of our wireless sensor options include: Temperature DegC/DegF, Humidity RH%, CO2 ppm, intensity of light in lux.
  • We Purchase, Install, Commission, as per your project requirements, and provide on site calibration and continuous maintenance support.
  • AGS provides data logging/storage, process variable trending, alarming and interface to live data via PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

From small scale grow operations to large scale growth facilities, we are there to provide Sensor and data support for both pre and post commissioning.

If we can aid in the expediting of your cannabis project please do not hesitate to contact us at the early stages of your project planning. 

AGS truly believes that the future of treatment and care is about to take a historic turn for the better. We are looking forward to assisting quality cannabis manufacturing projects to market.  


Allow AGS to introduce you to the advantages and economical ways in which your business can benefit from information and data, capturing, analytics, interpretation and storage.


AGS would like to thank the following companies for their business and support moving forward:


Remote MonitoringRemote MonitoringShutdown SupportShutdown Support

Camp MonitoringCamp MonitoringProcess MonitoringProcess MonitoringCalibration supportCalibration support